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Ordnance Survey
Linked Data Platform

Ordnance Survey is Great Britain's national mapping agency, providing the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data, relied on by government, business and individuals.

OS OpenData is the opening up of Ordnance Survey data as part of the drive to increase innovation and support the "Making Public Data Public" initiative. As part of this initiative Ordnance Survey has published a number of its products as Linked Data. Linked Data is a growing part of the Web where data is published on the Web and then linked to other published data in much the same way that web pages are interlinked using hypertext.

The term Linked Data is used to describe a method of exposing, sharing, and connecting data via URIs on the Web. To find more Linked Data published as part of this initiative please go to data.gov.uk.

If you are not familiar with Linked Data, OS OpenData products are also available in alternative formats from the OS OpenData website. Ordnance Survey can provide support for the Ordnance Survey OpenData products, but cannot give advice or support on using RDF, SPARQL or SPARQL Endpoints.

Ordnance Survey has published three OS Open Data products as Linked Data: the 1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer, Code-Point Open and the administrative geography for Great Britain taken from Boundary Line. A combined OS Linked Data dataset combines these products into one database to support more flexible data access.

Each of the datasets is accessible as Linked Data and via a range of APIs.